About Motivity

  • Company Profile

    GuangDong Motivity Electro Acousticmanufacturing co., LTD is one of the subsidiaries of LONGJOIN Group, located inLONGJOIN High-tech industry Zone, Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province, it’s alsoMotivity products R&D and manufacturing base. The industrial zone covers anarea of more than 53 acres, the total floorage of the zone is about 5.5 millionsquare feet (with 28 producing buildings, 1 office building, 3 staff dormitorybuildings, 1 dining hall and 430 thousand square feet of greenbelt). Staff areworking and living in a garden-like area with complete living and recreationalfacilities for their convenient after work.

  • Production Line

    There are advanced manufacturing and testing devices, preciseproducing lines and the equipment, control experience and ability that accordwith the ROHS standard. We have 8 world class SMT production lines with dailycapacity of 12 million pieces; 10 inserting production lines with the dailycapacity of 30,000 pieces; 20 assembling production lines for finished productswith the daily capacity of 20,000 electronic devices; advanced oil injectioncan reach annual output of 100,000 professional loudspeakers and advanced injectionmolding workshops, satisfying the demand of all kinds of injection moldingspare parts.

  • Qualification

    Motivity has complete ERP management system and is certified by ISO9001ISO2014001ISO/TS16949.We possesses a group of management elites who have more than 20 years ofmanagement experience in audio industry, a more than 50 person R&D team andmany experienced engineers who have worked in audio design and development formore than 15 years.

  • Quality Guideline

    Motivity’s quality guideline is:“ quality first, professionaltalents, leading technology, doing things right first time, self-improvement,and durability”. Motivity's products are a collection of the company's best andbe the high technical and quality products. We can provide the whole audio andvideo products and system solutions for Sports venues, theatres, halls, clubs,schools, hotels, stations, terminals, airports, squares, shopping malls, themeparks, entertainment venues, large conferences, large mobile performances.

  • Rich Experience

    Motivity have many typical applications in China, such as the soundamplification of the stadium in Zhengzhou, the intelligence campus informationsystem project of Fenghua Municipal Party School, the sound system of Xi'an People'sProcuratorates, the sound system of Longhai No.2 middle school Stadium inZhangzhou, Fujian Province, and the sound system of Dalian University…It hasalso been successfully used in more than 20 countries and regions around theworld and has been widely praised by the market.

    Motivity will continue to carry on with our mission and move forwardalong the road to our dreams. We will increase promotion of Motivity andrealize the magnificent transformation from "made in China" to "createdin China", bringing more satisfied products to users around the world


Dicky ZhangPA Product Technical Director, engaged in the audio industry for 23 years, has a number of network audio transmission and digital audio processing patents, focusing on the research and design of professional audio products, rich professional technology and business management experience, familiar with the manufacturing industry and ODM, OEM market, He has provided comprehensive technical services and cooperation for PEAVEY, ALTO, SAMSON, MARANTZ, etc., and many well-known brands around the world from product development and design to production and manufacturing. R&D direction: Electronic products, DSP processing technology, research and design of network audio system



 Jason Huang, MI Product Technical Directorengaged in the audio industry for 13 years, he has conducted in-depth technical cooperation with international known brands such as KORG, AKAI, ALESIS, and ARTURIA, and has been unanimously recognized by global customers. The company's MIDIPLUS brand has become the largest MI consumer brand in China. Main research and development direction: Electronic audio product R&D and design.




Angus Tan, PA product project director, has served as a listed company R& D engineer, R&D department director, general manager and other positions. 20 years of work experience in the development and design of PRO/CONSUMER and other audio products . He provides a full range of technical support and services from product development and design to production and manufacturing for many well-known brands around the world, such as KRK, ESI, JBL, TANOY, HARMAN KARDON, etc. R&D direction: Research and Design of Professional and Consumer Audio Products.




Steffen Meeks , PA product project director , who has 35 years experience of audio field. Worked in the audio segment of the consumer and professional electronics industry for three decades and has played a key role in the creation of dozens of well known audio products. The R&D direction is Pro and consumer projects.





Devin BronsonMI product project director, a guitarist, composer , who has 24years experience of audio field. Worked on #1 albums as well as 8 stadium world tours. Developing new customers for Music Pro services. R&D direction is Pro and consumer projects.




KuangPA loudspeaker design directorengaged in audio industry for 12 years. Obtained the national labor department to recognize the senior electro-acoustic device engineer title; Familiar with SMAART, LMS, EASERA, MLSSA, CLIO and other debugging and development test software. Lead the team to design and develop MOTIVITY full-line speaker productsmake MOTIVITY audio products have received lots of praise from customers at home and abroad Through the use of modern computer simulation technology and years of experience in product development. R&D direction is Loudspeaker, professional speaker design and development.




 Qi ChenPA speaker design directorengaged in audio industry for 18 years. The representative project is Air cooled active cooling speaker. The R&D direction is Speaker design and manufacturing.




Bin MoAmplification system design directorengaged in audio industry for 18 years. Obtain intermediate title of audio industry. The representative project is Product design and application of Midi festival; product design and application of Beijing 798 concert. The R&D direction is Product development and system application.






 Bruce WangAmplification system application directorSenior tuner, who also is the Member of AES (Audio Engineering Society) with 24years engaged in audio industry experience. The representative project is Shenzhou 9, jiuquan satellite launch center in gansu province, China audio system support during standby,The CCTV studio, concert, theater and other nearly 100 application field audio system optimization. The R&D direction is audio system design, optimization and application.